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Nexus Phone Pulled off Shelves Thanks to Apple

Apple currently has several lawsuits against Samsung, but up until today, very little has developed in any case. Today a district judge sided with Apple and granted the company a […]

Apple Pays $2.6 million to Help Ban Galaxy Tab

According to Apple, the Samsung Galaxy Tablet infringes upon hundreds of Apple’s patents, and the company is doing everything it can to get the Galaxy Tab banned from the US. […]

Google Introduces Jelly Bean, Android Engine 4.1

Android 4.1 (also known as Jelly Bean) has been completely redone, and the response thus far has been very positive. Jelly Bean includes an updated user interface, a great new […]

Analyst Says RIM is Too Gone to Sell

There are rumors flying about RIM being split and sold off in pieces. However, an analyst for Wedge Partners says “we don’t believe RIM has much to offer,” and that […]

Tips for Beating the Clock While You’re Working

Time is the one thing in business that isn’t infinite. Other things you can borrow, find, or make yourself, but time is the most important thing for you to manage […]

The Flame Virus Has Paved the Way for More Cyberattacks, says US and Israel

The Flame virus was a huge virus that infected thousands of computers in Israel and the surrounding area. It was designed to steal data and spy on the computers it […]

Verizon’s 4G LTE Expands into Another 46 Markets

Verizon Wireless has been pounding the metaphorical pavement when it comes to fully launching their new 4G LTE network. Today alone, the company has expanded into 46 new markets with […] Purchased by Facebook for Unknown Amount

Rumors about the companies Facebook and being in negotiations have finally been confirmed as of yesterday when Facebook officially purchased the facial-recognition software. announced on their blog today […]

Canadian Airport Beginning to Keep Track of Conversations

Starting next month, the Ottawa/Macdonald-Cartier Airport is installing microphones in random locations – within the airport itself, as well as in planes – in order to track conversations. The conversation […]

Nokia Proposes 10,000 Layoffs

By the end of 2012, Nokia plans to be 10,000 employees lighter. The company announced the planned layoffs during a press conference earlier this morning. The company is “rescaling” their […]