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$120 Million Dollar Electric Car Charging Network is California’s Big ‘Win’

NRG Energy and the state of California have finally come to an agreement over a $120 million settlement over power contracts. These power contracts had a huge hand in contributing […]

The New iPad – An Excellent Tool for Anyone

The new iPad is an exceptional example of technology at its best. It’s sleek, fast, app friendly, and it has a great use for both businesses and personal lives. However, […]

Firefox is Stepping up Their Game – Again

Google Chome and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer have, together, dominated the browser domain since Chrome’s release a few years back. However, Firefox has started to play catch up these past few […]

How Twitter Makes Money Revealed

Plenty of people use Twitter every single day to talk about what they wish to talk about in under 140 characters. The tweet is then published to a feed that […]

Google+ is Breaking Out the Big Guns

Since Google+ launched Hangouts, there have been a number of features that the users have been waiting to be implemented. This week, Google+ finally paid out and added the ability […]

Spam Filters are Not What They Used to Be

One of the companies that tests commercial spam filters, Virus Bulletin, has discovered some startling news as of late – spam filters aren’t getting any better at their jobs. In […]

Microsoft’s New Security Pegged for Vulnerability

Microsoft announced the MS12-020 Remote Desktop Protocol was pegged for vulnerability last week by a researcher that was attempting to publish the blueprint of the program. Luigi Auriemma, a researcher […]

The Retina Display Comes to the New iPhone’s bigger screen

Apple’s new Retina display has already been released on the 3.5 inch iPhone 4S and the 9.8 inch iPad, making the new XL iPhone the third device if Apple’s to […]

How Offsite Backup Can Protect a Business

Imagine what could happen if all your business data gets lost through unforeseen circumstances like a computer crashing, theft, or disasters such as fire, floods, and the like. Lost data […]