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Facebook Shares Holding at $29

Facebook’s well-debated IPO event and overestimation in value has sent its shareholders on quite the rollercoaster ride. Unfortunately, the shares haven’t gone up lately as much as they have gone […]

Cyber-attack Uncovered in Middle East

A large and complex virus has been targeting the Middle East security systems for several years and was just discovered this past week. “Flame,” a complicated and advanced malware program, […]

Facebook’s New Smartphone in the Works

Though the rumors of a smartphone from Facebook have faded in and out over the past few years, there has now been an official announcement from Facebook itself: the social […]

Browser Choice Obsolete because of the Mobile Shift

On a personal computer, not only can you choose from a variety of operating systems – e.g. Linux, Windows, or Mac – you can choose from a variety of browsers. […]

Zuckerberg Facing Lawsuits Over Facebook’s IPO Event

Many Facebook shareholders are claiming that important information was withheld from them when Facebook’s IPO event happened last Friday: Facebook’s profits aren’t going to be so hot in the upcoming […]

Microsoft’s Experimental Social Network Launched

Microsoft has kept the launch of hush-hush, but it’s finally starting to hit the market. The new social network is designed to help students with research through other students […]

Ways of Growing Your Business You Might Not Think About

Many a good idea for business growth has come from an employee. In order to enact it, though, they had to be confident enough and smart enough to know their […]

Facebook’s IPO Event Receives Mixed Results

Facebook’s IPO kick-off on Friday got off to a promising start, even though it didn’t end as well as some would have hoped. On early Friday, Facebook launched at a […]

Android’s Chrome Browser Now Syncs with Gmail Accounts

Currently, when you install Chrome on any computer, you have the option of linking your Gmail account to access all of your bookmarks and history on any computer. Today, Google […]

Intel Windows 8 Tablet Scheduled for Retail in November

When the Windows 8 tablet was announced, there were some skeptical feelings about the release of such a tablet as early as the end of 2012. However, it seems that […]